July 18, 2013

LABVIEW and Epson Robot Training

Yesterday, I was fortunately to be able to attend two training provided by National Instrument (NI) and Epson company at Singapore.

In the NI training workshop, we able to learn LabView, which is stand for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench. It is a very well-known system-design platform for industry.

LabVIEW is a highly productive development environment for creating custom applications that interact with real-world data or signals in fields such as science and engineering. With the graphical programming provided in the LabView, we can easily design system for different kind of application like motion control, robot navigation, image processing and etc.

We learnt the fundamental knowledge in data acquisition. In just few step, we can easily acquire the temperature and display in GUI with the use of the DAQ card. By using LabView, we can really reduce the development time and fasten the commercialization process.

After this training, we went for another robot training in Epson company.

I always have an impression that Epson is only doing the printer business, but actually they are also doing great in the robot manufacturing business. You can have a look on their website if you are interested, http://robots.epson.com/

They provided different kind of robot series that able to fit for different application. Their robots can be used in supply (sorting, aligning and  loading) , assembly, inspection and packing process. Here are the three type of their robot demonstration video.

This is one of the robot demonstration they showed us for the use in supply process using vision system. In this process, the conveyor will transfer the component and the component will be captured by the camera, then the robot will load the part and unload in a set orientation. I like their vision support system, as the calibration for different part detection can be easily configured in just less than five minutes.

Here is their 6 axis robot during the demonstration. With EPSON C3 which have the best in class cycle times, precision and motion range, their robots are leading the industry for compact 6-axis robots.

Besides that, Epson also developed the robot simulator software for the customer to simulate the whole process with the use of the Epson robot. It is very useful, because the customer can simulate the process to improve the process time cycle before applying the real system in their company.

This video show how their robot simulator works.

These workshops really helps me a lot in exploring the potential of my future development! Thank to Eric for this training arrangement!

After the whole day long training, we then have our dinner at Vivo!

I like their slogan, "LIVE with Passion"! =)


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