June 1, 2012

Senior Farewell

Every year, there will be a farewell event that is organized by junior for their fourth year seniors whose are graduating soon.

This year, we have our memorable farewell lunch in Seoul Garden located in the KSL City shopping mall at Johor Bharu.

Seoul garden is a popular All-You Can Eat buffet Korean restaurant with plenty of delicious food choices provided.

An annual SEMer gathering...

Let me introduce one of my senior...

 Khin Hooi, a great senior and Robocon teammate who shared valuable knowledge with me.

 Guan, who will be leaving soon for student exchange in coming August, I gonna miss this great friend.

Augustin was soooooo HUNGRY! 

 Our Mechatronic juniors...

Thanks to Yung Sheng (left) who planned for this event!

My direct senior, Kenny (left, white shirt), who passed me with lots of great notes and references in this four years study.^-^

 Go for bowling after lunch! 

It was a nice game,  but I think I still have to brush up my skill a lot, haha.  

Well, my university life will definitely not be so wonderful without the presence of seniors' advice and guiding along the way.

Thanks to them for giving us such a great experience in university life.

It was a memorable memory, and here I wish them the Best of Luck in the future!