October 25, 2012

PBL Experience!

Time passing so fast and now i'm in my fourth year of university life.

It was a great starting of new semester with my PBL laboratory!

PBL stands for problem based learning. It is a student-centerd learning subject for student to learn about a subject in the context of complex, multifacated and realistic problem.

The aim of PBL is to help the sutdent to develop flexbile knowledge, effective problem solving skills, self-directed learning, effective collaboration skill and intrinsix motivation.

In our faculty, we have to go through several laboratories to solve different problems by ourselves.
Currently, we are doing PBL in robotic laboratory, which is using AGV technology to solve the real work problem.

This automated guided vehicle (AGV) is used to measure the distance of a collapse in a smart tunnel. By using AGV, we can increase the operation efficiency and reduce the risk of human life in doing dangerous task.

Our cute AGV robot! :)

In fact, PBL really help student to develop the problem based learning skill and teamwork spirit.I think PBL should not only limited to fourth year undergraduates subject but should apply since primary education.

As PBL increases the engagement of student in self learning process and this enable the student to solve problem independently in a creative way and also learn the knowledge effectively in a team.

Well, it a nice experience working with my teammate; Alex and Zheng Hou!

Good luck and all the best in coming presentation.

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  1. Hi KX,
    Love reading your PBL interest. Appreciate there are people thinking along the same interest in how we improve learning and education in Malaysia. Not sure if you have gotten the time to speak to WH Choo, the MD of Dreamcatcher. We are starting a project called industry boot camp in 5 universities this Sep, and considering linking universities to local high school for now.
    And guess what? we are using Arduino set as the base for the learning.
    We can talk more when I am in JB soon, and gauge your personal interest in this topic.