June 19, 2013

A Passion to a Dream

It has been 4 years I have been in my university and now I’m going to finish my degree of Mechatronics studies in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I was grateful to have completed my 18 years of education journey and I’m going to graduate soon to explore the new life learning journey.

Since last year, I’m developing a robot which is called Compact Rehabilitation Robot (CR2). It is a robot that can be used to train the upper and lower limb reaching movement of the stroke patients with virtual reality games. Because of the increasing number of stroke patients, it cause the lack of physiotherapist, therefore rehabilitation robot is an effective solution that can be used to reduce the burden of the therapist.

I have a dream, which I want to use my skill and knowledge to help the society. Therefore, I developed this robot for almost one year with 2 great partners (Patrick and Suan Kian) and a dedicated mentor, Dr.Yeong. We really hope this robot can be commercialized and contribute to the society in the future.

But, I realized that medical product needs to go through a long journey to bring it to market, because medical product required more resource to be certified compare with others. That is why most of the people didn’t go for medical product invention, especially in Malaysia.

For me, being the richest man doesn’t matter to me. What matter to me, is how much I can contribute to the society. That’s why I chose this medical invention journey, that can directly help the unfortunate people.

It is a tough and challenges invention route, but I believe “everything is possible, just the matter whether we want to do it or not! “. Therefore, I always strive the best of very moment in my life and never taken down by challenges to make this project a success. With this passion, hopefully one day, we will succeed.

After this, I will continue this project in my master research in UTM and hopefully we are able to make this Dream a REALITY!

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